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Queenie's Room

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

{the journey}

One of the mountain-view rooms on the second floor (Room 2) has history of being "Queenie's room" based on the entries we read in our library of Twin Gables guest books. Queenie used to frequent the halls, visiting guests after her passing. I have not personally had experience with her presence, however I thought it would be nice to honor her by giving her old space a serene makeover.

Here's our visual depiction of the transformation:


We were so inspired by the soft blush tones, the buttery ivory, and pale peach. The texture of her palette knife brushstrokes gave us a sense of Bohemian spirit so we chose pieces that worked well with those vibes:



Some of the antique furniture could be salvaged, but the wallpaper (and well, pretty much every else) had to go. We sourced the most beautiful art titled "Honey and Hush" from uber talented local artist Lisa Palombo and designed the room around her palette and theme:

In every room, we found antique rugs (I am a sucker for Persian + Turkish rugs) to keep the history of the space from being lost in our updates. We hired electricians to swap the pull chain lighting to "real" fixtures. We painted the walls white as to not compete with our layered look. We used fabrics like linen and raw silk to give a soft natural quality to the space. We upcycled the antique dresser by white-washing it in Annie Sloan Original, then Chelsea added handpainted flowers that grew from the floorboards up the dresser. We wanted the flowers to look like they started growing upon entry of the room. We swapped the existing full size bed for a Queen to accommodate guests and added a beautiful twin daybed to the space as well. We used scale by installing an oversized fan to the wall above the twin trundle bed as a focal point. We sourced faux flowers that feel just like real roses and placed them on the wall in a femme, whimsical way to create a mood.


The gorgeous images Krisztina Crane captured:

We hope we've created a room that Queenie would be proud of!

Follow along next week to see the next transformation! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us to experience the vibe yourself.

Thanks for reading,

The Twin Gables Team

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Remember to follow TG on Instagram and Facebook, and tell us about your stay over at Trip Advisor. Come visit us at Twin Gables of Woodstock and enjoy the groovy vibes!

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