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The Kitchen

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

{the journey} Here's our visual depiction of the transformation:


When we first toured Twin Gables with the intent to buy it, we could not believe the light and energy exuding from the kitchen! Even more unbelievable was that the kitchen was entirely off limit to guests as it was used solely as the Innkeepers office and Housekeeping room. We knew it would be a big undertaking to make it guest-ready but we also saw the value in doing so.



Needless to say this part of the renovation was the most taxing.

Not only did it displace our team and the laundry process, but it caused a snowball effect of issues during the reno. In order for us to open the space to guests, we had to create a dedicated laundry room.

To do that, we had to build a hallway from the parlor into the kitchen, circumventing the laundry chute. Speaking of the laundry chute, it had to be custom fabricated at a new angle.

We also had to move and install the laundry equipment which then turned into purchasing stackable commercial units which meant running a gas line which left a huge hole in the kitchen.

Thus the wall was rebuilt and the floor replaced, two items not on our original list. It would have been comical had it not been so exasperating.

There were many moments of frustrated managers and guests, contractors not showing up, and us second-guessing our idea...but it finally worked out and it's so much nicer being able to serve breakfast out of a proper eat-in kitchen rather on guests' laps in the parlor!


We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us at Twin Gables of Woodstock in the Catskills to experience the vibe yourself.

Thank you for reading,


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