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Lion's Den

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

{the journey}

Here's our visual depiction of the transformation:


The featured designer for this room is my best friend, Yen. As the space was quite small to begin with, we decided to capitalize on it and make a comfy, cozy we named it The Lion's Den to honor the art we purchased from a local artist, Gigi, who created the lion collage entirely out of cut paper!



To give the space a fresh feel, we painted a couple new coats of white onto the walls and re-painted the floors with a grey mix of chalk paint & sealed it with lacquer. The vintage dresser was upcycled with an ombre painted finsih that fades into the new floor color. It gives the space a look of sophistication. Painted furniture can feel very specific at times but since we are pros at upcycling, we knew if we stuck to a more modern finish, it would look completely customized.

We hung Gigi's lion collage in the space, and we installed this cool Edison bulb sputnik vintage style pendant. Warm tones were incorporated into the space, including a hand-painted copper detail stripe around the room to act as a focal point and chair rail which gives continuity to the space as your eye follows it around the room. Our favorite new furnishing is the burnt orange velvet occasional chair with gold ferrule tipped black steel legs. It's funky and modern and plays nicely with the hues in our woven Kilim rug.


The gorgeous images Krisztina Crane captured:

Follow along next week to see the next transformation! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us to experience the vibe yourself.

Thanks for reading,

The Twin Gables Team

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