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The Ghosts of Twin Gables

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Having been around since 1880, Twin Gables has seen a lot of life throughout the much so that a few lives may have stuck around, beyond the grave!

To celebrate the spooky season we've been featuring fun videos about these haunts on our TikTok. See the video about Queenie in part one and about Uncle Redd in part two .

One night we were digging through some old guest books, and found numerous entries by by guests naming spirits that seems to haunt the hotel. Among the entries, two repeatedly named:

"Queenie" mainly seems to spook the halls (and rooms 1&2). A few guests mention seeing a woman in old clothing, and others just have a feeling. The woman "Queenie" herself was actually Alice Hoffman's (one of the owners) aunts, who lived at the Inn for a while (in Room 1).

Although she did not pass at the Inn, it is said that spirits tend to visit places in their lives that brought them the greatest joy (that's what we'd like to think, anyway). To this day there hasn't been a recent sighting, but we have a feeling that her friendly ghost is still around).

Before looking into any of the Inn's history, Room 5 or "The Traveling Vagabond" was designed with a hippie/camping theme. We definitely felt some strong spiritual energy from Room 5 and I liked to call the spirit "The Reader". Only later did we find out that this room was known as "Uncle Redd's Room" (maybe that's where 'REaDer' came from). He was an uncle of one of the owners, and this entry was in the front of the old guest book we found in storage.

The craziest thing is that when our professional photographer came in to photograph our space (with long-shot methods) the photos of this space repeatedly came out with a spirit-like 'mist' appearing on the right side of the room (can you see it)? There was no insense burning or candles lit anywhere near, and not even a person in the room while the photo was shooting! Many guests throughout this past year have asked us if there are spirits in the house after staying in this room... before we ever knew about the guest book entries! Even our artist in residence Chelsea (who lived in the inn renovating for months) has a story of her own from this room... but you'll have to ask her to find out yourself (wink wink).

We hope you enjoyed this spooky-blog post, and that you'll come see the house yourself (and maybe even leave with some of your own encounters!)

Thanks for reading, & Happy Halloween!

The Twin Gables Team

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