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The Traveling Vagabond

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

{the journey}

Here's our visual depiction of the transformation:


Room 5, "The Traveling Vagabond" is our Woodstock themed room. Inspired by hippie vibes of the 60's and 70's, we wanted to create an eclectic room that felt like there had been treasures found from being on the road, gypsy style. For this aesthetic, we feature trunks with travel stickers, an authentic 'Palm Reader at Woodstock' photograph framed in the corner, a leather Butterfly camp-style reading chair, and a colorful Persian rug (my personal favorite rug in the entire house, which is saying a lot!)



First we gutted the room of it's furniture... I swear to you this room had the oldest furniture in the house (and not in a good way.) When deconstructing the old creaky bed, we saw that it had about 20 layers of different paints that were essentially holding the piece together as the screws were long gone! So with that, out with the old and in with the new: the sad pistachio walls were freshly painted white, featuring a hand painted Tartan statement wall using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in a custom green mix, yellow, red, and navy. The floor was painted Oxford Navy Blue in Chalk Paint, and the lighting fixture was replaced with a new metal flush-mount pendant that has a very 'modern camper' feel to it.

Side-note: our electrician could not understand why we didn't want pull-chain lights and attempted to tell us he could not install anything you may have guessed, that did not go over well. I explained it is 2020 and our guests did not want to walk into a dark room grasping the air in search of a pull-chain. I may have also said that this is not a rural hunting cabin or a prison cell. Or something to that effect. He laughed and then decided there was a way we could update the lighting if we put the electricity on the outside of the wall (as we couldn't go into the wall due to the way in which the house was built 150 years ago.) I told him to go ahead, I didn't mind seeing a cord box on the ceiling in exchange for modern conveniences. These are the conversations I was unprepared for during our renovation. I have never had to convince anyone in any other design projects that a light switch was essential.

Back to the story, to add that extra element of fun we included a 'We are all Hippies here" art print next to the bed and a couple vintage-style photographs of Bob Dylan + friends throughout the room.


The gorgeous images Krisztina Crane captured:

This room faces the gazebo and fire pit and feels very private and restful, especially with it's new well-traveled aesthetic. We have a story about Room 5 but we will save it for another day.

Follow along next week to see the next transformation! We hope you enjoy seeing the Before and After pics as much as we do. Come visit us to experience the vibe yourself.

Thanks for reading,

The Twin Gables Team

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